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  1. Your Staff will always know what is expected of them, every single
    day, slacking is never an excuse, but taking regular breaks is part
    of being more engaged and Productive at work.
  2. Staff have set individual and team priorities, so they know what to
    do all the time and what is expected of them daily, in every
    situation, whether they are supervised or not.
  3. Every task that needs to be done is done for the business, to your
    satisfaction. Much less chasing and checking of staff.
  4. Deadlines are set for every task that is required by the business,
    not your staff. When staff are absent, everyone else knows how to
    cover them and still do their own job well.
  5. Minimum standards of work are made explicit, Quality Assurance
    is integral to everyone’s work every day. Staff complete their work
    and ensure it is done Right first time, so tasks never need
  6. Where Technology can help your staff, it is provided and regularly
    maintained, full training is provided to make the best use of
    technology, making their jobs easier, then they will work with a
  7. Staff train one another, cover one another and check one another,
    fostering constructive team collaboration.
  8. If anyone has a complaint about their work, every member of staff
    knows who to take it up with and how.
  9. Our Productivity Programs usually enable your staff to deliver 25%
    to 33% more than they currently do, by working Smarter, using
    Slack time to regularly deliver more, collaborating better together
    and always being engaged, without the need to work any

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