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Emc & Associates Ltd.


We can reduce at least one of at least 1 of businesses top 5 major costs.

I have reduced every business cost through Productivity gains. Impossible? I reduced one client’s annual Business Rates, for a Hertfordshire transport / storage / parcel business who had their entire site classified as “Transport”. Fair enough you may think as that was their main business. In fact more than half their warehouse was used for storage, which was a different rates classification and attracted a much lower rateable value, saving him 30% on his local council rates annually. The only disappointment was that we could not backdate it as the mistake had occurred for decades.

Another example was for Headcorn Village Tea rooms, where I advised the owner get a competitive quote for his £20,000 annual energy bill; I reduced his gas bill by £3,000 per year and his electricity bill by £2,000 per year and signed him up for 3 years, saving him £15,000, money in his pocket. Same Gas, Same Electricity just smarter purchasing.

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