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Emc & Associates Ltd.

Small Business consultant

My name is John Mather and I am a Small Business consultant, with 25 years’ experience of managing businesses change, in various countries and industries, from Kentish retailers to restructuring and selling energy companies in Australia.

I have 3 degrees, am a professional Project Manager (Prince2-certfied), a partly-qualified accountant and advise small businesses owners across the UK on how to make their businesses more profitable.

I provide a fresh, external view on how your small business operates, could your staff be retrained how to accelerate your cash flow, could your marketing be improved to reach more target customers, could your service operations be improved to create new sales opportunities from your existing customers?

I am a practical person and often work alone, but when required I can call upon industry expertise through a network of Associates in the UK, or colleagues I have worked with previously, to identify how each small business can best be improved. For example, to assesses the best way to improve your staff’s productivity, or your marketing, or operations, all to improve the long-term profitability of your business.

​I am a collaborative consultant and work closely with staff in any small business to identify how their work can be made more efficient (same work with less time/effort) or more effective (making each £1 spent go further) and so more profitable. Over the years I have worked with a variety of small business to:

  • · Accelerate Cash flow by retraining all the staff how to systematically chase up invoices better;
  • · Increase staff collaboration so there is less rework / checking required or to make the IT work harder;
  • · Improve customer service and uncover new sales opportunities from existing customers;
  • · Improve staff productivity by making them work Smarter not Harder (with initiatives such as 4-day only working and enabling office staff to regularly having 3-day weekends).

In the last year, I have also provided several Government Loans for small businesses, as part of the Government’s “Funding for Lending” program which have a fixed, five-year 6% interest rate, approximately half the high Street bank rate.

Clients for these £10-25k loans for businesses have included a Kentish Dating agency, a Maidstone charity supplier and the development of an App for children with Special Education Needs which measures and accelerates a childs’ learning. I have also worked with small business Directors to develop various Business, Marketing, Operating Plans for themselves, their bank or their staff.

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