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Ten reasons why Small Businesses should invest in Staff Computer Training (at least as much as the new software or hardware costs):

Are you a business owner, not knowing whether to invest in staff computer training or to ditch the budget & use elsewhere, the reasons below, from Oregen Computer Training, will leave you and your business in no doubt that IT training is better for business than new IT:

1. Staff Morale – by training your staff to be more competent, more confident in their daily tasks by using say Microsoft Word or Excel. This will improve not only the tasks they are set by management but will provide a happier environment for all. The working environment will be less stressful as a result with employees enjoying their roles which does wonders for mental health in the workplace & without the need of disrupting colleagues time by asking constantly…How am l doing ?

2. Productivity – When staff are competent in using software required to carry out their jobs, they will work quicker, more effectively & probably with more passion because it is easier for them. How many times have you seen staff scratching their heads for hours on end trying to figure out how to format charts, or create absolute cell referencing in Excel, or to create a graph or pivot table, how to use styles in Word, Master sliders in PowerPoint & embedding documents into other Microsoft software to name a few?

3. Timesaving – A one day training course can save hours upon hours of staff’s time each week where they find out faster ways of using the software’s features. Recently one three-hour training session, has saved a client at least 3 hours a week, that’s 156 hours a year, times this by say an office full of staff over the year & that is a massive amount of manhours saved! Even outsourcing projects as a consultancy package can be of benefit.

4. Staff Retention – Employee’s who feel valued & invested in, tend to stay in their job roles for much longer thus saving recruitment costs. Did you know up to 40% of employee’s leave jobs within the first year due to lack of training? High overturn of staff comes with a price, as those who leave can often bad mouth the company or more often than not if they stay be it unhappy, which can be disruptive to fellow colleagues & the company.

5. Improved Customer Service – Valued & content employees will provide an enhanced customer experience as they will feel empowered by the company they work for. This will ensure customers receive a higher service level & a good working relationship. We have all I’m sure spoken to an operative over the phone who has sounded like they really couldn’t be bothered or is clearly not smiling over the phone which can be very off putting & creates a bad atmosphere from the offset.

6. Marketing & PR Opportunities – Companies who like to see their staff do well in their place of employment, can enter awards for both staff & the company. This promotes the company across a whole level of marketing platforms including social media alongside industry experts and other innovating businesses. Marketing the success of your company & its workers creates a caring image. Companies that cares about the success & wellbeing of its staff is often placed higher in people’s & potential clients minds. Creating good public relations can be a vital ingredient to ensuring your business keeps ahead of competition.

7. Personal Development – By recognising staff may want to work towards certain accreditation’s & qualifications it is seen as good for employers to help support this. Hard working employees often would like to move up the career ladder or be promoted internally so allowing time for either on the job training or time out to attend courses be it management training, first aid, computer, can be a major benefit to their productivity & passion for business.

8. Recommendations – A happy, motivated, valued workforce in a company that takes the time and investment to train them, will be only too glad to recommend the company their work for. Word of Mouth is still one of the most trusted forms of marketing from both internal & external sources. The recommendation can stretch to inviting friends to come & work for the aspiring business.

9. Happy staff – We all know happy staff work better, less likely to take sick days, be punctual plus will be more efficient in their daily tasks. So, keeping staff happy with up to date knowledge in the latest technology or guidance in new working practices is a key ingredient to success. For example, if your business has an older version of software then suddenly decides to upgrade – staff can be hindered with a new layout as features have changed or are in different places. Regular training or refreshers can help overcome potential issues staff may face in times of change.

10. Business Growth – Add all the points above up and you should be well on your way of allowing your staff to help & achieve business growth. Businesses do not grow without the help of its workforce, with your staff being skilled assets so ensure you use them to gain as much benefit as possible to your business.

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