Are you wasting your timer on Social media or are asking each new customer how they came to you ?

Many companies are raising their company Profile on Social Media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.), but unless you are also assessing the impact / benefit (financial & non-financial) of all this social Media updating work your staff are doing, this is wasted.

Would you ask your staff to just fill the waste basket with paper, or continually ask them to tidy their work area? No.Then why would you allow your staff to continually update the company’s Social Media Profiles without measuring how well that time was spent, measuring how beneficial it is and assessing it against what else they would be doing instead?

Yes, Social Media is Marketing your company, but it is a question of balance and Value for Money, “Bang for your Buck”,

Social Media best suits some companies, some target audiences / customer groups and some industries but unless your company’s marketing strategy particularly suits one of these niches, do not be persuaded that you should dedicate company time / effort / money on them.

As with all your company’s activities, you NEED to measure how well your staff time is spent on that activity, or you’re just pouring money away. as with all Marketing expenditures, you need to objectively assess the amount of new business it is bringing in, or the increase in Product / Staff / Company awareness it is stimulating amongst your target audience.

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