Contingency planning for Brexit is required for Kent Businesses (with a link to official updates)?

Having survived two major financial events in recent years (2007 Banking Crisis & 2018 collapse of Carillion), how much will Brexit really affect Kentish businesses?

I expect the consequences of Brexit to affect larger companies first, but generally they have the resources to manage the most likely effects of Brexit, so like the collapse of Carillion I expect the effects of Brexit to be indirect, not direct, as some part of the Supply Chains are adversely affected. I also expect the impact on Kentish Small Businesses to be physical more than financial (as Operation Stack is enacted probably on a larger scale than usual) and indirect as some part of the Supply Chains are adversely affected.

So what should Kent businesses do, what can they do in advance of a moving target called Brexit ? Below is a link to Kent Prepared business forum on advice for Kentish Businesses


This official advice from the Government is updated regularly as events unfold for ALL Kentish businesses

To continue our support to clients who want to understand more about the Brexit requirements for importing & exporting, this link is to register for one of several HMRC webinar (from your own office) and they provide an overview for UK businesses involved in the movement of goods between the EU and the UK. Find out what you need to know to keep importing and exporting.

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