Delegation is the Solution to You feeling Overworked

As a Business owner or Director and feeling that you’re doing too much work yourself and it is eating in to your family time? Then you need to learn how to Delegate to your staff.

Delegation is not any admission of failure on your part, you employ and pay competent staff to work for you, so why not allow them to earn what you pay them? If your staff have Job Descriptions, see if your can realistically insert some extra work on to your chosen member of staff, or Supervisor, or your Office Manager in to their Job Description fairly easily..

Clearly you need to assess what the chosen staff member is capable of and if necessary have a team meeting to discuss which components of your job one or two of your staff could take off you. Team meetings like this are to clarify changes and ensure everyone gets the message you want them all to get, reinforce the changes & ensure everyone is up to speed.

I would advise against giving them small parts or components of your own work, that would

  • a) not be effective in reducing your workload;
  • b) belittle their ability and experience;
  • c) not encourage / motivate them to undertake the work and not “Get or Grow into the work”

I propose you select a single/complete piece of work, with the appropriate financial responsibility as well.
In the 21st Century, unfortunately you’re never far away, you’re available by text, mobile and email 24/7, so delegate a significant amount of work piecemeal – work side-by-side with them for 1 or 2 weeks, or more interactively for a month and make allow them to take full responsibility for their work – which may mean telling your Warehouse or Dispatch staff that they should now report progress to Amy or Alex instead of you from a set date.

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