How to get much more value from your IT ?

Most companies, larger ones are even worse, spend £1000s and £10,000s on IT every year to get the latest version of Microsoft, WHY? WHAT’S THE BENEFIT ?If a customer emails you an invoice and their IT is more updated than yours, you’ll still be able open it, possibly with a warning which will explain why, but you’ll always be able to see the vast majority of the words and figures.

In practice you’ll be able to view the Word document at the very least and process it as normal. My point is, you don’t need THE latest version as Microsoft always ensures backward compatibility, between versions, these days. Save your money, spend it on training.

In practice you just don’t need THE latest version of Microsoft Office. Keep using the version you have, just use it better. Get an IT training person in for half a day or even a whole day to train your staff on how to use their exiting IT and software.

What Small Companies are MUCH better spending their money on is STAFF TRAINING. Training your staff is a MUCH better value option, train them to use the IT they use every single day and you money will be much better spent. All your staff eill benefit from being taught 1-to-1 on how to use the current software they use every day.

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