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Emc & Associates Ltd.


Are you looking for an independent, external, outsider’s perspective on how well your Business performs ?

Could you make your business much more profitable ?

Could your business work much better ?

Could your business be more efficient (use less time & effort to achieve the same amount of effort or money) or be made more effective (for example, is your digital marketing actually engaging your target customers, do you even measure the time & effort your staff put into managing Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram to grow your business and encourage more sales)?

If you would like a fresh, external assessment about the potential sales or Opportunities you are missing, then please contact us ? We can add value to any business, through reviewing a company’s operations, working on business development, rebooting your sales & marketing efforts, or retraining staff so that they learn how to do their job better, more efficiently, or more effectively.

I have developed a Questionnaire over the last 20+ years for Small Businesses which investigates how productively your business is being run, how resilient, compliant and wasteful it is and how your business could be missing out on opportunities to make your business more profitable. This Consultation is free and takes 60-90 minutes.

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