I can reduce at least 1 of your top 5 costs by 1/4 – 1/3,

Job Descriptions are almost essential when Supervisors or Managers are appointed, so that both your staff and your Manager know what is expected of them, which work they are allocated and what is expected of each.Whether it be staff costs, rates, vehicle leases, office rental cost, energy costs or materials bought in, l can reduce one or more of your major business costs between 25% and 33% for half the amount your business saves in the first year, so you keep half the first year savings and all the savings in subsequent years. No savings, no cost, what have you got to lose?

How often do you change your main suppliers (by £ cost)? Do you for example, run 3-yearly competitive tenders for your professional advisers (solicitor, accountant), energy supplier, key materials supplier? If not, why not, you know new customers tend to get better deals than exiting customers, so become a new customer for a brand new accountant? A new fresh look at your accounts could easily reduce next year’s tax bill …. is the hassle of transferring is stopping you? Will a halving of your tax bill, better use of tax allowances help?

Do you run 12 or 6 monthly performance reviews for each of your staff, to identify training requirements and address shortfalls or update their IT skills for example ? Are they aware if 21st Century scams, would they recognise phishing phone calls, or emails seeking personal details to discover passwords, they should do, that would probably a more effective investment than a new piece of anti virus software?

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