Starting Up a Business (made EASY)

There are many places which will help you Start Up your business and lots of places will help you, for FREE – like HMRC – (, write a business plan – (, set up as a Sole trader initially instead of a company – (, set up a business from home – (

I can help you decide what sort of business you need and point you in the direction ofr lots of free help.

There are many people, like myself who will, for free, Mentor and guide new business women and businessman.

Facebook & LinkedIn can help but they tend to be overwhelming initially, so please do not rush to tell everyone your new idea, or they will pinch it and copy it and your business will die

I can help you select an Accountant, suited for you, probably without all the extras you don’t need and any other professional help – if you need Legal advice or Marketing advice or Operational advice.

Any plan is better than None: A Sales or Marketing Plan, or an Operating Plan or Financial Plan always forces you to think of the practicalities of implementing the plan: what are the obstacles, what do I need to do first, what can wait, the sequencing of activities and what resources you need, how much money do I need and when ?


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