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Very few companies get the most out of their staff and so either overstaff their company or rarely get all their work done, fully and on time, without having to redo it.

Productivity is THE single biggest source of your company’s profitability.

If you staff are well-trained, work well together, are taught how to use their IT and new technologies well, collaborate with each other and regularly plan and achieve their work, with little management input, then your staff are rare and your company is a) well-managed and b) sustainably profitable.

It is likely your staff and company will have weathered the Covid-19 Lockdown better than most, your staff would have worked well with each other to share and reallocate their work, based on the needs of the company, rather than themselves. If your staff have asked you to confirm their decisions rather than continually asked you for help during Lockdown, then you have empowered them, because you have trained and trust them to take decisions for the sake of them and the company.

Productivity is not just about ensuring the health & safety of your staff, or enrolling your staff on a Wellness campaign; In the current environment, Productivity is about you ensuring your staff can work safely and comfortably at home as well at work, not only because you are legally obliged to, but also because your staff will work better and more sustainably better when they respect their employer and their managers respect them.Both Covid-19 in 2020 and the 2007 Financial Crash were supposed to be 1-in-100 year events, yet not only are these events catastrophic for many companies, but have had (and will continue to have) significant effects on all companies and will have long-lasting consequences on all companies, small and large and their suppliers, customers and employees.

If you have remained operating and profitable throughout either of these events, your company is relatively resilient. You will have reviewed how your company operated through lockdown, to learn lessons from what you did right and wrong and documented some sort of log of lessons learnt to ensure you do not repeat it.

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